Windshield Repairs and Replacement

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John's Collision is pleased to offer automotive and industrial glass services through our sister company, Satelite Auto Glass.  Operating out of the same location, Satelite Auto Glass specializes in glass repairs and replacement for all years, makes and models of vehicle.  From windshields to door glass we have you covered for all your automotive glass needs.  We are also pleased to offer custom cut glass for most industrial applications such as heavy equipment windshields and windows.  We also specialize in custom cut lexan for any project, automotive or otherwise.  

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Whether you’ve had a small fender bender or a major accident, our expertly trained technicians can help you with all of your collision repair needs. It starts with our free estimate.

Your personalized estimate will detail the body work, supplies, parts, repairs and painting services needed to get you back on the road in no time, whether you are filing with your insurance or paying out-of-pocket.

At John's Collision we know that you are conscious of the cost. Therefore we offer three price levels when it comes to replacement parts. OEM parts are the highest in cost, but come from the original manufacturer of your vehicle, meaning they ultimately provide the best match for your vehicle. A more cost effective option is Aftermarket. While new, these parts might not necessarily come from your vehicle's manufacturer. Recycled parts are the most cost-efficient. They come from vehicles no longer considered 'road-ready' but still adhere to safety and function standards. So if parts replacement is necessary, three options provide flexibility to help you proceed with confidence.

Did you know that as an insured party in the province of Ontario there are regulated right as to how your insurance claims are handled?

  • you have the right to be treated fairly by your insurance company.
  • you have the right to prompt and fair handling of your claims.
  • you have the right to reasonable repair of your damaged vehicle.
  • you have the right to choose a repair shop, tow operator and rental company.
  • you have the right to not feel rushed or bullied by your insurance company - did you know you have a year to settle a claim in Ontario?
  • you have the right to know that your insurance company will NOT  take responsibility for the quality of repairs no matter where it gets repaired. This is done by the repair facility, NOT the insurance company.

Learn your rights and don't be afraid to exercise them.  After all your paid for them...your deserve them.

Do you know your rights when making an insurance claim?